About Till

Till Kraemer works with business owners who are sick and tired of having their business totally consume their life. He helps them to align their business with their purpose in order to make their business mission-driven and highly profitable.

As someone who struggled earlier in life to leave behind his old business and personal life in Germany in order to design the business and lifestyle of his dream in Majorca. A Spanish paradise island in the Mediterranean Sea, Till knows first hand the power of leveraging his personal talents and life story to get the business and lifestyle you want!

The Profitable and Purposeful Business Programs are based on 20 years plus of helping professionals to get their dream career and/or business in the sports, fitness and health industry.

After studying sports science Till started his own recruitment company in 1999 in the sports industry. As a LuxxProfile Master and co-creator of the BusinessModelYou® methodology he is highly trained in designing personal business models. Till has completed various business and life coaching trainings in the United States and Europe. As an entrepreneur  and digital nomad he has atended dozens of international conferences in entrepreneurship, location independent lifestyle, co-working, and the future of work.

In his spare time, Till enjoys hiking and spending time on the beaches of Mallorca, Spanish dances as Flamenco and Sevillanas. He loves to travel and spend quality time with friends and family and living his new life in Mallorca.

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