Inspired by my business coach Bill Baren I want to share with you one deep and powerful transformational practice. And I am so excited about implementing it into my own life that I want to share it with you.

It’s about creating a THEME for the year.

This is about choosing a one or two-word theme, which becomes a powerful intention that acts like an invisible guide for everything that you will do in the year. As you put conscious focus and attention on your theme during the year — amazing things are likely to happen with very little effort.

2019 is the “Year of Expansion”

Why have I picked this theme?

As 2018 was a year of really grounding my new life in Mallorca after selling my old business in 2017, it took me a lot of effort to build a new business from scratch.
Not only did it take more energy to dismantle from my old business (my sport-job recruitment business I had over 17 years) then I thought. Foremost the facts of registering a new business in a new country, getting an understanding of the local market, meeting new people and promoting the service to get it of the ground took all my attention and energy.

And by the way, I was so lucky!
What I found in Mallorca is really like a dream come true. 🙂
An apartment at the see, beautiful nature, but overall awesome clients and beautiful friends from different countries! Everything I was envisioning to find in Spain! Thank you universe!
Now with the pillars in place everything is about EXPANSION!

Starting with the internal I am looking forward to intake as much as I can from the spanish culture. Learning flamenco, playing the guitar, singing spanish songs… All those creative things which will help me to boost my creativity and my capacity to live my life to the fullest and help me to show up how I really am.

Related to my business – to expand my entreneurial activities in Mallorca in order to help to build an Entrepreneur friendly environment on the island. To help business owners as much as I can to raise their level of impact and purpose within their business.

The focus is from inside to outside – by intentionally prioritizing those activities which raise my creativity in order to leverage that momentun for external expansion!

Being in the Carribean at the moment I cannot wait to come back to my beloved Mallorca and Spain – Yes! I am truly fired up for next year!

And now it’s your turn.

Here’s what Bill Baren suggests you do to create your own THEME for 2019.

#1 – take a couple of hours away from the hustle and bustle of your life and tune into what you really want for yourself and what’s been holding you back. Journal on that for 15-30 minutes. And then ask yourself what yearly theme would give you the breakthrough you are seeking. Trust your gut knowing that you can’t go wrong.

#2 – once you have a theme, please share it with important people in your life as a public declaration of your desire for a breakthrough (also share it here with me in the comments below this post)

#3 – get a brand new journal for the coming year, put your theme at the top of it and create a practice of journaling around your theme at least 3 times per week
Once you do this practice, you will experience a breakthrough. You will live into your theme and your life will never be the same again.

Let me know what is your theme for 2019 in the comments below this post (or please share any ideas you are playing with)

All the best from the Caribbean